Simply put,
I'm your web wizard friend.

A passion for the interwebs lives inside every one of us these days, but oddly enough, mine seems to be just a tad bit different from most of the others’. Why? Simply because I enjoy creating the webs you get lured into daily.

My relationship with technology began on the day I was born (’00 kids’ privileges, right?). Web development caught my eye around the time I was 15, however, and has since grown more and more on me as time has gone by. I have mostly focused on front-end thus far but I am slowly getting into the magical world of back-end as well. I have plans to continue my studies in programming and web development. I also like to wander around the photo- & cinematography specters from time to time.

If you feel like we could collaborate on a fun project together then feel free to drop me a message at richard [at] Although I may not be THAT experienced just yet, I do find myself to be keen on learning new and exciting ways of luring more and more people into my webs!